Welcome to Laptop-Zen.com, we provide technology services within the Portland Metropolitan area, we are locally owned and independently operated and provide a number of services, including Laptop Repair, Upgrades, Software Troubleshooting, Hardware Diagnostics, Cell phone Repair, and other technology related services, including Setups and Configuration, Virus Removal, and Security Planning. Our services range in variety from complex tasks and networking to the remedy of the simple problems which home computer users face every day.


We will updating things this summer, and the blog will detail the progress. The biggest change will be mobile repair. As a convenience to the wonderful people that have continued using Laptop Zen for their technology needs through the years, and to bring that Zen to new people, we are gathering our tools and parts and hitting the road. we may even be in a neighborhood near you. So if you need a tech that can show up at your location, check back soon for updates on when we start rolling.

Our Story

I'm Brian and I started Laptop Zen in 2007. I enjoyed drawing and painting so I went to graphic design school and got degree in desktop publishing. I found it more enjoyable to fix the issues with all the common tools used in the industry, computer hardware, software issues, network printing issues. Having a natural talent for diagnosing and repairing anything I came in contact with, I shifted gears and gave up most design work. I was buying broken handheld game consoles online, repaired them, played on them and sold them.


When it came time for me to upgrade from the old laptop I had, I didn't just buy used, I bought broken. I had my second laptop up and running the same day it arrived, broken out of the box. I enjoyed it so much it became a habit. Three months later it was a full blown addiction. Buy broken, repair, test, resell. 

I sold many laptops and still sold refurbished game systems, and would fill in extra time looking for repair jobs to help others out. Through all the sales and some of my local purchases, I noticed a need in the local market. A need for calm in the chaos, an answer for the questions, a simple path through a complex problem. Now there is. Keeping technology in balance. There is Laptop Zen.